Legends of Hoipalia - Part One: The Guardians of the Bird-God

Episode 2: An Unusual Newcomer Must Prove Himself! A Mystery of A Missing Magician!?
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A renegade Gnoll named Scrag awakens from a light nap to find that he is being released from Daredurum’s jail cell, on Captain Corizo’s orders, to make his life in the human town, on one condition: He will be constantly scryed upon via two matching irremovable thumb rings, and his Worg mount incarcerated, until he proves his goodness and loyalty to the people and their defenders.

He soon encounters a man calling himself (among other things), “the Jade Fox”. Taking an unusual interest in the out-of-place Gnoll, the Jade Fox had soon succesfully recruited an ally for his own curious quest. After a conversation in the local Bar and General Store, the two town newcomers decide to investigate the rumors of a Wizard gone missing on a journey to the old Crypts in the south.

The Jade Fox invites his friend back to Zoba’s Warehouse, since he apparently has no house of his own yet either, where they find Lucian and Persephone already asleep. With Fox perhaps wondering where Scarfinger was, they went to sleep, only to be awoken in the middle of the night by a curious discovery. A wooden box among the copious junk, containing religious contraband (an astronomical telescope), crashes open before them inexplicably. Persephone and Lucian eagerly test it out while Scrag and Fox discuss the risks and benefits of reporting it. Reasoning that his observers may already know, Scrag convinces Fox that they should report it the next morning. Informing the captain of the watch, Corizo, they are told to keep this discovery to themselves, and that the matter will be looked into.

Earlier the previous day, Scarfinger, scoping out the resident Jewelry shop, had begun to explore the southeast residential district. Hearing whispers from behind a cabin, she was soon privy to a plan to sneak out of town and slay the witch or witches rumored to be living in the swamp. Interloping the ten adolescent escapees at the eve of their ill-conceived exodus, she was soon reluctantly aboard the mission, in return for the gang leader Ricky’s grappling hook. The troop make it past the town patrol, but the next day are attacked by a raging, ravenous Owlbear. Inflicting a critically crippling blow on the foe in the initial moments of the struggle, Scarfinger’s quick commands and hardy resolve inspire the children to fell the beast before it can fully slay it’s ambushed victim. Ricky then concedes to an adamant Scarfinger the wisdom of turning back for all their sake’s. At Ricky’s approval, the bloodied Scarfinger leads the troop on it’s new quest to get the unconscious Timmy back to town in safety, without being ambushed by wild carnivores a second time.

Meanwhile, Scrag and his newfound allies Lucian and the Jade Fox have embarked to the south and are embroiled in their own life-or-death struggle against the formidable creatures of the wilderness. Will our heroes survive long beyond their first forays into the dangerous coppiced wetlands surrounding the town? Find out, next time, on D&D!

Episode One: The Bicentennial Bastion, Daredurum! Our Heroes Arrive!
(*cue frantically upbeat Anime intro music)

So everyone crossed paths along the road and met one another, and shortly afterward they all heard explosions on the path ahead.

They discovered the alchemist of Daredurum, Zoba Brisingr, in mortal combat with a Dire Boar.
After rescuing him from certain peril, he introduced himself and offered them passage into the walls of the settlement that he calls home. He mentioned his mission in being on the path, in brief, as returning to town with a Hoipali Membrane that might be used in a potion to help a friend of his that had “supernatural proclivities”.

After escorting the party past the guards of the gate without any questions, he showed you guys his shop and offered to let you bed down for your stay in Daredurum in the old medical warehouse attached to it.

Beginning to explore, Scarfinger and the Jade Fox encountered a young woman being bullied by the town group of kids. After rescuing her, she introduced herself as Persephone, Zoba’s new apprentice, and – learning that the party saved his life – she showed them and Lucian around town at light speed (handed the party the town map, in effect). Then she mentioned something about needing to be somewhere and ran off (I’m retconning it, she ran off to watch Cleo’s match, not to see Zoba).

Electing to watch a match at the local arena, the party saw Cleo vs. Grusk, where Cleo insulted Grusk on the basis of his violence in the ring and on his orc ancestry. After Grusk’s terse and stoical dismissal of Cleo’s accusations, the match began and Grusk emerged the victor.
The Jade Fox and Lucian both elected to participate in betted arena matches, and both of them emerged victorious, against the fighter-duelist “Juniper” and against the cavalier Lavitz Lancebearer X, respectively.

As the party left the ring, they saw Cleo being harassed by many arena-goers for what he said and how he did against Grusk, with Persephone (his girlfriend, she had mentioned him previously) attempting to defend him. A tomato hits Cleo’s face, and Persephone glares at it’s thrower, prompting the tomato thrower to fall backward in horrified disbelief, exclaiming “can’t you all see it!? It’s hideous! Auuuaaaaahh!” before fleeing at full speed. At which point Persephone, as confused as everyone else, runs off sobbing in the direction of Zoba’s place, leaving Cleo at the mercy of the dissipating crowd.

Arriving back at Zoba’s place, the party was greeted with two pieces of news: first, that Persephone would be staying with them in the warehouse for at least awhile, and that the membrane he had gone to so much trouble to collect had denatured to the point of uselessness, thanks to his leisurely pace at the start of the return trip. He offers each party member 200 gold each for leading three simultaneous expeditions, one to the woods north of the lake, one to the southeast plains, and one to the southwest bog, to retrieve the needed membrane from each area and return it within 48 hours of harvest, where the three fresh membranes might be used together in his planned potion.

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